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Diversified Development and Support
Services in the Arctic and Beyond


Choose UMIAQ’s comprehensive array of professional services for your industrial or community development project throughout the state of Alaska and beyond. Our experience spans many climates and locales.


We have the experience and staff you need to rapidly mobilize oil exploration support and the full range of incident prevention and response services including onshore, nearshore, and offshore.


Our experienced scientists carry out field investigations in the most extreme
conditions on earth.

UIC Professional Services

is the holding company for UMIAQ, UMIAQ Science and UIC Arctic Response Services, which provide complete analytic, strategic and field support for energy and industrial projects in the Arctic.

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Work with dedicated professionals in a growing network of companies.  Good pay and comprehensive benefits. 

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  • The Arctic Sounder: Documentary captures real life in Barrow

    posted August 20, 2014

    Documentary captures real life in Barrow

    The Arctic Sounder |  August 15th 1:30 pm | By Jillian Rogers

    With the recent barrage of sometimes-bizarre, often-overwrought Alaska-based reality television shows, comes a breath of fresh, Arctic air.


    A new documentary is in the works by acclaimed Swiss director Nick Brandestini called "Children of the Arctic." The full-length film looks mostly at life in Barrow, through the eyes of Inupiaq teenagers, with a focus on whaling and subsistence living.


    After his first documentary "Darwin" — named for a town (pop. 35) in Death Valley, Calif. — was released a few years back, Brandestini, 39, was looking for his next project. He was invited to Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada, for a screening of "Darwin."


    And while he couldn't make the trek north for the film festival, he was intrigued by invitations emblazoned with happy, parka-clad visitors on dog teams surrounded by snowy peaks and northern lights. He knew soon after that his next project would focus on the Arctic, he said from Zurich last week.

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  • Barrow, Alaska Sees First Sunset Since May

    posted August 03, 2014

    For the first time since May 9, the sun has set over Barrow, Alaska.

    Beginning May 10, the sun remained up all day, keeping the city in continual light until to 2:03 a.m. local time Saturday, according to the National Weather Service. The sun then rose at 3:05 a.m. local time.


    The reason that Barrow experiences the periods of continual light is due to their close location to the North Pole. As the Earth revolves on its axis, Barrow is turned toward the sun and remains light until the revolution of the Earth turns Barrow away from the sun.

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