Professional Services

Diversified Development and Support
Services in the Arctic and Beyond


Choose UMIAQ’s comprehensive array of professional services for your industrial or community development project throughout the state of Alaska and beyond. Our experience spans many climates and locales.


We have the experience and staff you need to rapidly mobilize oil exploration support and the full range of incident prevention and response services including onshore, nearshore, and offshore.


Our experienced scientists carry out field investigations in the most extreme
conditions on earth.

UIC Professional Services

is the holding company for UMIAQ, UMIAQ Science and UIC Arctic Response Services, which provide complete analytic, strategic and field support for energy and industrial projects in the Arctic.

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Careers at UMIAQ
Work with dedicated professionals in a growing network of companies.  Good pay and comprehensive benefits. 

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  • Alaska Business Monthly: UMIAQ Employee Presented ‘Marketer of the Year’ Award

    posted October 30, 2014

    UMIAQ Employee Presented ‘Marketer of the Year’ Award

    UMIAQ’s Cindy Shake was named the 2014 ‘Marketer  of the Year’ by the American Marketing Association-Alaskan chapter (AMA). This prestigious award is given to an individual who demonstrates outstanding service and excellence in marketing.

    The judges selected Cindy as their winner after reviewing her UMIAQ marketing portfolio. This included a comprehensive collection of her design and media work for UMIAQ.

    About the Judges

    Judging of the Prism Awards was performed by American Marketing Association members from other out-of-state AMA chapters. The judging panel included AMA representatives from San Francisco, Portland, and Richmond.

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  • Ukpik! From Barrow to Anchorage

    posted October 16, 2014

    Snowy Owl time at the Bird Treatment and Learning Center

    This young snowy owl came in Saturday night from North Slope, Alaska with a right wing wrist injury. As you can see in the x-ray, it has a compound fracture at the metacarpal near the joint where it joins the ulna.

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