Professional Services

Diversified Development and Support
Services in the Arctic and Beyond


Choose UMIAQ’s comprehensive array of professional services for your industrial or community development project throughout the state of Alaska and beyond. Our experience spans many climates and locales.


We have the experience and staff you need to rapidly mobilize oil exploration support and the full range of incident prevention and response services including onshore, nearshore, and offshore.


Our experienced scientists carry out field investigations in the most extreme
conditions on earth.

UIC Professional Services

is the holding company for UMIAQ, UMIAQ Science and UIC Arctic Response Services, which provide complete analytic, strategic and field support for energy and industrial projects in the Arctic.

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Careers at UMIAQ
Work with dedicated professionals in a growing network of companies.  Good pay and comprehensive benefits. 

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  • Barrow, Alaska, Snow: Winter Arrives Early In America’s Northernmost City

    posted September 03, 2014

    The Weather Channel Reports: Tuesday tied the third heaviest September calendar-day snow on record in Barrow. Only Sept. 13, 1987 (5.1 inches) and Setp. 9, 2003 (4.7 inches) were heavier. Tuesday was its heaviest calendar-day snow on record anytime from August through the first week of September.

    Dating to 1922, at least a trace of snow has been recorded at least once on each calendar day in Barrow. This summer, a half inch of snow fell in the city from Aug. 29-30, and 0.9 inches of snow was measured on July 23-24.

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  • UMIAQ hires Cynthia Trapp as New Associate Scientist

    posted August 27, 2014

    Cynthia Trapp has joined UMIAQ, LLC as an Associate Scientist in the Environmental Department. Cynthia has over sixteen years of experience in the petroleum industry with expertise in emergency response and management, regulatory compliance and stakeholder engagement. She has gained valuable first-hand experience in responding to numerous and varied petroleum industry incidents, and has directly participated in both corporate emergency response operations, as well as field based response activities.

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